Once tile is installed, it’s a good idea to seal the grout. Around 98% of tile and grout can be sealed. A lighter colored grout that is latex-modified should be sealed twice because its light color is more prone to stones or to become dirty than grouts which are darker colored.

As far as sealing the tie itself, all natural stone tiles should be sealed, and many of the more common ceramic tile can be sealed to make washing off the grout easier. The only time that sealer can be harmful to the tile is when excess puddles are left on the tile surface.

Apply the sealer with a crush or spray, then towel off the tile to remove any left over residue.

Using the correct sealer for your tile is very important. Most of the time, the sealer should be an impregnator sealer. This sealer is use to seal the many pores of the tile or stone by penetrating them and blocking them from the inside out. These sealers keep moisture from getting through the tile surface while also allowing moisture to escape from within the tile.

Once the sealer has died, the stone or grout will will go back to its dry-looking state. If you want a shiny look, an enhance can be applied which will return some of the vibrancy of the tile.

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