My husband and I were most impressed and pleased with the care, precision, and talent Stonelight-tile demonstrated in repairing and redesigning our courtyard’s water fountain! That fountain had been installed decades ago and though it basically had a good framework it never really functioned properly and because of that after these many years it had became a bore and a total eyesore.

I had searched for repair ideas that would fit our modest sized courtyard and leaving the fountain in its existing location and also retaining the lion’s head with the water spout . Since the background wall had become discolored from the constant spray of water a solution was to instead tile the wall. That thought of using tile lead me to Stonelight- tile!  That was the beginning of a great adventure for me from just visiting the shop but even more importantly meeting two very talented, thoughtful and gracious people David and Janet.

Our red roof (hand made) tiled home was built in the early 1930’s and entry to the courtyard is by way of a tall arched handmade wrought iron gate. I wanted something that would complement the gate and the existing fountain’s space.

With those rather vague parameters and various discussions, viewing illustrations and eventually making color selections the tiles were caste and fired and now there is a truly lovely courtyard fountain that inspires our guests to walk first to admire the fountain before coming on the front door!

Setting the tile and the placement of the plumbing and electrical system is vital to the final outcome of this whole operation. David was most helpful in giving me sources for those special talents needed to execute the final installation of all these parts involved in an outdoor water fountain.

I strongly recommend Stonelight-tile for any project involving tile. And if you are just curious visit the shop in San Jose. As others have said it is like entering a museum. The shop provides a feast for the eyes, there are many inspiring ideas, there are many dazzling and nuanced colors to contemplate and gives a sense of history of a craft that has endured for ages and still inspires the world over.