The American Southwest, particularly the state of California, has a unique and rich history. Nothing is more representative of that history than the Spanish mission.

If you’re building a home or business in California, you may consider using custom tile to reflect the colorful local heritage. This will allow your residence to become a part of that history and to carry on the rich traditions of the area.

We offer a singular array of tiles, based on California missions.  These Spanish-style tiles combine the sturdy, timeless designs of our past with the sleek, contemporary appeal of today.

The colors reflect the natural dyes and stains which would have been available and in use at the time of the founding of these missions, but you can enhance and customize your tiles by choosing background or emblem colors. 

As an added bonus, the mission tiles come with a booklet on the founding of each mission, which will allow your tile to become a centerpiece and conversations starter within your home.

If this sounds like something you would like to see in your home or for commercial tile installations, check them out in our portfolio or come by our offices in San Jose, CA for a consultation. .