Custom tile has become very popular in recent years and for good reason. Customers enjoy being able to have tile in their homes or offices that reflect who they are and broadcast that energy to the entire room. It’s also a great option due to the fact that there’s no limit on what areas can benefit from individualization that custom tile can provide, be it a commercial tile installation or residential. In fact, we even have tile for outdoor areas should you want to spruce up your back porch or patio.

While most people equate the word ‘custom’ with costly, the reality is that custom tile is surprisingly affordable. Part of the reason ours is so affordable is due to the fact that we manufacture the bulk of it in house, allowing you to bypass the middle man and go straight to the producer, which results in savings to your bottom line.

If you’re needing some tile work done for your home or business and are looking for something cost effective, yet unique, contact our offices in San Jose, CA and let us show you what we can do. We’ve worked with a large assortment of businesses and homeowners and certain we have a solutions that’s right for your needs.