Many factors come into play in picking shower tile. Oftentimes, the shower’s design will dictate the type of custom tile that will be used.

If you’re looking for tile for your shower, here are five things to consider.

  1. Smaller custom tiles should be used on curves. Smaller tiles handle curves much better than larger tiles. The angle of the curves and the arc of the design comes into play and smaller tiles tend to accommodate this much better than larger tiles.
  2. Small colored glass tile is preferable to large clear class tile. It won’t show moisture as easily and will maintain its appearance better. Many glass tiles have directional arrows so they all can be installed with the correct orientation.
  3. Use a second tile choice to make a feature wall. Adding a second tile choice adds variety to the room and is a great decorative feature in most houses.
  4. Use smaller tiles for sloped ceilings. A sloped ceiling is often one of the multiple requirements in a commercial steam shower. Smaller tiles will make slopes appear more graceful.
  5. Keep cleaning in mind. If you hate cleaning your shower, use larger tiles or glass panels. They are much easier to clean than smaller styles.

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