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David Anson, the analog artisan behind Stonelight Tile, is fighting for the  survival of his company—with the community’s help   David Anson has run the historic Stonelight Tile since 1989. Photo by Kevin N. Hume The scenery changes as Market Street heads away from downtown San Jose’s breweries, art galleries, luxury apartments and hotels—right before the […]

Pick the Perfect Tile Color

To enhance the tone of a room, choose some new tiles. Tile can add color to every room in your home and comes in a variety of shapes and patterns. It’s important to examine the colors that are already in a room in order to make a color decision. You can create a certain atmosphere […]

Stonelight Tile: Client Testimonial

My husband and I were most impressed and pleased with the care, precision, and talent Stonelight-tile demonstrated in repairing and redesigning our courtyard’s water fountain! That fountain had been installed decades ago and though it basically had a good framework it never really functioned properly and because of that after these many years it had […]

The Best Tiles for Outdoor Use

Outdoor tiles need to be stronger and more durable than the tile inside your home. Custom tiles located outside are exposed to the elements every day and have to withstand rain, snow, wind, and extreme temperatures. It can be difficult choosing an outdoor tile that is both functional and attractive. Take a look at the […]

Quick Guide to Tiling

When it comes to custom tiles, there is something for everyone. The combinations of colors, shapes, and styles are endless, and can be used a variety of homes and businesses. While the aesthetic appeal of a tile can be persuasive, it’s important to look at other factors like durability and overall quality. Even the prettiest […]